Yoga & Breakfast 21/3

Yoga & Breakfast 21/3

SEK 220

Incl VAT

Enjoy a 60-minute class exploring the idea of opening and expanding in light of the Spring Season.

It’s grown harder over the years to put a label on the style of yoga I teach these days. It’s a bit of a unique blend of hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative. I talk about alignment, energetics, organs, and the nervous system. Above all, my greatest love is the Breath, so more than anything else I’ll be guiding you to tune in and move with your breath throughout your practice. Sometimes I even weave in a Swedish word or two.

Those of you who’ve been to class know that no matter the style, I do my best to use my words to guide you in moving your body through space in a way the helps you to land into your body.

After class, you’re welcome to stay for Brekkie and mingle.

Warm welcome to everyone.


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