Speak Up - Tee
Speak Up - Tee
Speak Up - Tee
Speak Up - Tee
Speak Up - Tee

Speak Up - Tee

This collection of T-shirts was made to support women and children in need. For every purchase 10% will be donated to the Women's Shelter.

100% Organic Cotton



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SEK 490

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What is it for you?

Knowledge. Success. Adventure. Love. Time. Money.

We want to share with you what we believe the right to freedom is for all women.

It is to not be afraid of being physically and mentally abused and raped in your own home.

Everyone is entitled to feel free - without fear.

Everywhere - but above all in your own home.

This is a human right and at the same time stating the obvious.

· 100% Organic cotton

· Hand wash

· Hang dry Dry


· Chest 47.5 cm

· Waist: 44 cm

· Total lenght: 60.6 cm


· Chest: 49.5 cm

· Waist: 46 cm

· Total length:62.5 cm


· Chest: 51.5cm

· Waist: 48cm

· Total lenght: 64.5cm

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