We always strive to take FGL to the next level. Exploring, having fun, being creative, connecting people...

Now - that we have a great location for all kinds of fun - we're making it real. We love art, music, food, relations & yoga so you will always find something in our event calender.

We had an afternoon gig with Marcus from Land of Trees. Please check him out on Spotify. He's great and such a warm soul who really touched our hearts with his live performance. 

Also - we have dinners . This evening we gathered a bunch of friends for soup and beers. Nothing fancy - just great vibes, good conversations and laughters.

So happy to be able to share our space with loved ones. As we say at FGL - Collect moments. Not things.

Lisa Burenius did the most amazing art workshops in april. Heart is full!

She is such a talent and the participants loved it.

16 students working for several hours. Almost didn't have time to eat...

We will have her back again for sure, because it was very appreciated.

Dogs & kids are always welcome to our space.

And also - the lectures and workshops we arrange are really inspiring and a great place to get to know new likeminded people. We listen to experts talking about their knowledge, we discuss and we learn. There is so much to learn out there and we really like to spread the word about topics we are passionate about.

Last but not least. Our beautiful friend Michelle Baker moved in at FGL Store. She's a reiki healer, yoga teacher and a lifecoach. She's a warm and talented soul. 

You should go to one of her Yoga & Tea events or book a reiki session with her. She has this "Gathering dinners" as well and they are truly amazing for both body and soul. 

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Miranda & Kristin