the story behind fgl


                        FGL is a lifestyle brand located in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden.

                                                  Established in 2013 by Miranda & Kristin

"We're striving to build a business that inspires and motivates you to be creative, live your dreams and explore our beautiful planet - but at the same time care about our environment."

What came to be FGL Store as we know it today, started with two creative souls that met while working at the same hotel in Varberg in 2013. Blogger and photographer Kristin was fascinated by the beautiful chef with tattoos who had travelled the world. So she approached Miranda and asked if she could photograph her for fun. With Kristin behind the camera and Miranda in front of it - that's how they became friends. To be honest, they still have the feeling they are just two friends playing around together!

They shared their passion to explore, learn about new cultures and take photos together with an mutual belief that "anything is possible".
So what else to do than trying to combine these passions into work together? Said and done! 
Miranda had bought harem trousers when travelling in Thailand 2011, and wearing them on photos they created a buzz among her friends. Still travelling, she sent hundreds to Sweden as they with time grew very popular far outside of her own circle of friends.

One evening, over a glass of wine looking out over the sea, the duo decided to travel to Bangkok for 72 hours and buy as many pants as they could afford and start an online shop in Sweden. During the trip - between searching for wholesellers, drinking coconuts and taking lots of photos - they portraited eveything on social media, building their story of their future lifestyle brand. And if you have ever been in Bangkok, maybe you are familiar with the salesmen saying "you should buy it for good luck" - who knew that saying would have such a prominent meaning for a shop in Sweden?

The trousers were a huge success and opened up for more travels and growing a bigger assortment in their shop named For Good Luck back then. In 2016 contact with a new supplier in Jaipur, India, was made through Instagram. Today almost all the products are handmade by family businesses in the Jaipur area and Kristin and Miranda are drawing up the designs together with skilled designers from the same companies. The production have a purposely slow pace, and is not as controlled by seasonal collections. The goal is to create attractive items for a sustainable wardrobe.

Business was doing good (increased by 100% in 2016) and in 2017 the girls decided to invest more in their mutual company. FGL Store was opened in their hometown Varberg to use as a showroom, warehouse and a warm place for people to meet. 


Thank you for taking part of our story, and for your support of our little business. It means a lot.