We are so happy and proud to tell you that FGL Store teamed up with Scorett this summer in collaboration to support our project Sisterhood.


We want to benefit from our way of reaching out to people, to highlight problems in our society. We want to share knowledge, inspire to civil courage, show commitment and to prevent violence in homes. 

Working with Scorett was an obvious choice from the beginning since we share the same values. Together we hope to make a change.

From today and through all of the summer you will see our collaboration in Scoretts stores.

Kristin in ANDOVER från K.Cobler. Miranda in MOY från K.Cobler

Scorett started in 1989, located in Varberg.

It's such a great pleasure for us to work with such an established company.
We want to talk more about our project Sisterhood. The more people that hear about it, the more affected people we can help. During the first week of  'Sisterhood' project the Women's Journal in Varberg got eight new volunteers! All thanks to the power of social media! It's incredible how many souls we can reach out to and how it really can make a difference.

Scorett will help us reach out with #sisterhoodbyfgl this summer.

Our favourite thing about Scorett is how they put so much work behind their products, they make conscious choices in everything they do.

''We strive for sustainable development, which protects people and the environment. Our sustainability efforts are coordinated from the headquarters in Varberg. We attach great importance to educating our staff in sustainability issues. In this way, we create commitment and build knowledge to work consciously with sustainability. We are already thinking about the beginning of our design and product development to reduce our impact on nature and human beings''

''The Scorett Group works with Human Bridge, which means that we collect and donate any shoes that can not be sold. Human Bridge is a material assistance organization that works for people and the environment. The professional organization has operations in approximately 25 countries (mainly Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East). Our contribution is donated directly to aid efforts or generates revenue for various aid projects. We are also launching a project for collecting customers' used footwear in store, to expand reuse and reduce the waste of shoes. We see the project as a matter of course in our sustainability work because it extends the product life cycle while helping the needy''

We share the same love for our city Varberg. It's truly beautiful during this time of year.

Loafers DENTON från K.Cobler.

Miranda in T-shirt SUPPORT YOUR SISTER & sandals BRIGH från K.Cobler. 

The project Sisterhood started because we wanted to make a change. Small things can make a huge difference for someone out there.

If something feels wrong - dare to speak up!

Read more at Scorett & support the Sisterhood collection by buying the T-shirts here.

We made a little video from the evening when we shot the photos too: