We’ve built our business through social media. Since day one, customers have been able to follow or journey on blogs and Instagram. 

We get a lot of questions about or work and how me managed to build a trustworthy brand. We love to share our experiences and believe that society is in need of more love and creative meetings. Our space in Varberg is truly a most inspiring place for workshops and lectures.


We teamed up with Emma Gunnarsson from Finnvedens Säljkraft to create a day all about Social Media  - How to find your way, to build a brand and to learn more about Influencer Marketing.

It’s all about communication and about being relevant to your customers. Thus you have to know yourself and being able to understand different styles of behavior. 


This is our second time doing this appreciated workshop. Let us tell you a little about how it was done last time. 

Our dear friend Emma Gunnarsson was moderating the whole day, cannot thank her enough for her brilliant expertise.
Our day started with her sharing her knowledge on Disc Analysis. A theory that comes from William Moulton Marston back in the 1930’s. Emma is, by the way, so great at speaking in public – such an entertainer.  


Everyone has different behavior styles. Knowing and understanding peoples different behavior styles creates a more communicative climate. It also provides a greater self awareness  and makes communication easier.

This knowledge is useful for everyone - private as well as professional. 


We put together a few topics that we wanted to bring up and work with in groups. Kristin and Hanna Wendelbo told us about their experiences in Social Media and gave us some tips.


The schedule was busy from start till finish.

Never ending conversation throughout the night – we could have kept on going till the morning…


We ended the day wit a really nice dinner together and talked about the future of Social Media. 


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