Crystal Pendant -Small

Crystal Pendant -Small

SEK 590

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The rock crystal pendants are finally back in stock.

They come in a smaller size,

& a medium size.

Small:4-5cm long 590 sek

Medium:6.5cm-7.5cm long 620sek

The Rock Crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones. You can read more about the stone stone here on the site, navigate to 'About the crystals'

Here is what you can do besides wearing your necklace:

Simply place your crystal on your pillow, it brings you balance and love.

You can take care of your stone in different ways an charge them with more power after using them:

Expose to sunlight for 1-2 hours

Place it on your window seal over night to expose it to moon light

Clean it under a stream of water for 2-5 minutes.

Enjoy your crystal,