A lifestyle brand located in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden - established in 2013 by us, Miranda & Kristin.

We're striving to build a business that inspires and motivates you to be creative, live your dreams and explore our beautiful planet - but at the same time care about our environment.

At FGL Store we work towards being as sustainable as we can. We aim to create a long lasting wardrobe for everyone.


Our garments are developed together with a family business in Jaipur, India. They work with small scale production practicing a unique technique, dabu printing, where they use clay and wood blocks to print patterns on fabrics.

The process is truly special and each family has its own recipe.

Our friends mix clay from the seabed with limestone, mimosa tree resin, flour and grain. Block prints carved out of tree pieces are then dipped into the clay and pressed onto the fabric.

The colouring process is from natural materials, which means a security for all those who work with the process, as they are not exposed to the chemicals that are commonly used in textile manufacturing.

 The fabrics are then rinsed in fresh, clean water and dried outdoors in the sun and wind.


 None of the textiles are exactly alike, they are unique in print and how they are cut. All garments are sewn by hand and are made in small collections with a durable thought behind them, in contrary to fast fashion.

As you can tell, all of our products are made at a purposely slow pace. Production time solely depends on our beautiful mother nature. Bless her.


Thank you for you support, it means a lot to us - and to her.

Kristin & Miranda